Thousands watch two PIGS fight to the death in brutal Chinese sport

  • Pig fighting is a popular sport in Leishan county, Guizhou province, China
  • It involves two large male pigs being pitted against each other until one is killed
  • Water buffalo and stallions are also made to fight to the death
  • Officials have resisted calls from animal welfare campaigners to ban it

These shocking images show the brutal moment two pigs fight to the death in front of cheering spectators at a crowded stadium.

The two desperate animals can be seen circling each other before they are forced into battle by being prodded and poked with long sticks by their trainers.

As the two male beasts clash, they headbutt each other and attempt to bring their rival down by biting their neck.

The bloody show is a popular sport in China where officials have resisted calls from animal welfare campaigners to end the practice.

The pig fighting game in Leishan county, Guizhou province, is one of many sports in China which involves animals fighting to the death.

Another popular sports sees two stallions pitted against each other in front of thousands of spectators.

Both stallions are first driven mad with lust by an in season mare parading in front of them. They are then pushed into a pen and must fight for the right to breed with her in front of the baying mob.

The result is a bloody fight to the death with biting, kicking and rearing injuries killing some, while other horses simply drop dead from exhaustion.

Officials at the festival in Luizhou, in south China’s Guangxi Zhuang region, have defended the ‘tradition’.

‘We know the world frowns on this but for us it is an ancient tradition,’ said one trainer, before adding: ‘We will not stop these contests because they are part of our culture.’

Water buffalo fighting is also a popular spectator sport in the Guizhou province.

But while the ‘sport’ of pig and horse fighting is enjoyed throughout China, it has been labelled ‘barbaric’ and ‘bloodthirsty’ by animal rights campaigners.

Horse fighting has been outlawed almost worldwide, but it still thrives in countries like the Philippines, Indonesia, South Korea and China.

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